No matter where – my neck, back or shoulders etc. Michael listens to my symptoms and resolves my pain issue with the minimum of fuss and discomfort. He is professional, friendly, helpful and kind, and sorts out the problem time and again. I highly recommend Michael to anyone needing osteopathic help.


Michael has been helping me with poor posture that has arisen over many years. I chose him because of the range of skills that he has. He has helped me immensely with notable improvement to my posture and substantial relief from pain. He is very professional, personable and approachable. I am happy to recommend him.


I was recommended to see Michael over 4 years ago when my shoulder and lower back were causing me a lot of pain. I appreciate his approach, he listens to my concerns and uses his huge range of knowledge, experience and expertise to relieve any pain and keep me in the best of health.


I came to see Evie after a major operation feeling very stressed, and with tension all over my body. Evie was patient and understanding with a holistic approach to my problems. The quite severe neck pain that I had been experiencing for years, and which Evie worked on, has resulted in that I have been virtually pain-free since.


I have been receiving treatment from Michael for bouts of lower back pain caused by poor posture aggravated by an injury sustained in my youth. I am convinced that this treatment coupled with a recommended exercise regime has arrested the problem and avoided the need for surgery.


Michael’s calm, friendly manner, and his reassurance, helped me when I had some weeks of constant pain. His use of acupuncture has relieved the pain, movement and exercises have helped to free the trapped nerve. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Boyd to anyone who has chronic pain or joint problems.


After a year of shoulder and back pain I was getting a bit down…and thought I would give Michael a chance. Within 3 months the transformation startled me. The diagnosis and treatment were pinpoint accurate…If results are your priority, ‘Go for it’!

Neil R

Michael has been treating me for leg pain over the last few months. The treatment has hugely improved the pain and muscle spasms resulting in better mobility.

Vicky B

After suffering a head injury I was very keen to find alternative help with the headaches and neck pain I was still suffering. I was told that there was nothing wrong with my neck however after I went to see Michael he found that I had neck compression in a number of the vertebrae. Soon after my headaches started to disappear and I got the mobility back in my neck. I remember clearly at about 2 or 3 weeks when suddenly my forehead wasn’t sore to touch anymore. It had been painful for so long and the relief was amazing. Michael is professional, knowledgeable and thorough and I would recommend him to anyone suffering pain. He has magic hands!


Fantastic sessions to help my 8 week old daughter loosen her neck, overcome colic and sleep better. A few appointments with Michael and she was sleeping through the night! Michael was extremely professional whilst being caring and understanding towards my baby girl. Thank you so much! I couldn’t recommend the practice more highly.