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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful hands-on technique that balances body energy and physical structure. It integrates western knowledge of our body with oriental insights into energy, recognising the ways our body heals itself and how we maintain good health.

The gentle but firm touch brings about a return of flexibility, encourages good posture and clears stiffness in a richly restorative way. The sensitivity of touch used in Zero Balancing returns us to ourselves whilst simultaneously opening to an awareness of a centred presence in the world.

How can zero balancing help?

Zero Balancing works with the bones and joints, and with the energy that flows through them. We pay particular attention to those joints in the body that balance posture and movement. These joints naturally have a small range of motion, so when they become compromised the body has few options to resolve the restriction, compensating elsewhere. For example, an imbalance in the bones of the foot might present as pain and discomfort in the knee or hip. Zero Balancing directly addresses these joint imbalances, recognising that small changes in the function of key joints will produce a significant improvement in body ease and alignment.

What to expect

A Zero Balancing session lasts between 30 and 40 minutes during which you remain fully clothed. The work is performed with you sitting and then lying comfortably on your back on a massage table. Zero Balancing uses held stretches and finger pressure with a focus on bones and joints. It takes a person into a place of refreshing relaxation which can bring about a profound experience of well-being and body-felt unity. The touch used in Zero Balancing has a characteristic clarity which is pleasurable to receive.

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